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    bill herb

    question... so the above statement says "While we recommend that you DO NOT partly or fully submerge the SOUNDBOKS in liquid, it can stand up to just about anything else you can throw its way." but then in your manual that you send out it says in the disclaimer area "using product in the rain" can you provide clarity on "rain" My understanding of weather resistant means don't submerge it as outlined above, don't pressure wash it, or spray a hose directly into the battery and controls area but everything else is fine and covered by you guys right? 

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    good question!

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    Hi Bill.

    Thank you so much for your question.

    While the SOUNDOKS is built to withstand extreme weather conditions such as rain we do recommend caution when exposing your SOUNDBOKS to these elements as they increase the chance of malfunction to SOUNDBOKS products and internal components. In our product manual it states "Under no circumstanses can SOUNDBOKS’ board and/or the company owners be held accountable for direct, indirect, special, random, or consequential damages...which is caused by careless and inexpedient usage of the product". Therefore, we reserve the right to determine, on a case by case basis, whether the exposure to weather elements was "careless or inexpedient."

    To answer your question specifically - Yes, weather resistant is correctly interpreted by assuming you should not "pressure wash it, spray a hose directly into the control panel or submerge it". Any additional exposure to liquids or weather elements and their subsequent damages will be reviewed by our product and development department and determined whether the base of the damage was caused by manufacturer error or "careless or inexpedient use". 

    I hope this answers your questions, and that we've helped you resolve your concerns.
    Please make sure to reach out to us on INFO@SOUNDBOKS.COM or our Facebook Community, if you have additional questions that we can help you with. 


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